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U-WURF 2013

December 26th, 2013

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  • Learn LLVM, the state-of-the-art compiler infrastructure
  • Explore application of compiler techniques to solving interesting problems

LLVM resources


  • creating a module
  • implementing DFG gen (or similar)
  • hacking the front-end

Seminar Topics

  • LLVM (of course!)
  • JIT compilation (?)
  • … any suggestions?

For More Ambitious Students

Study/evaluation of LLVM based JIT translator

  • LLVM-based JIT translator is already designed/implemented
  • The main goal of this activity is to learn the JIT version by running it with benchmarks
  • One possible outcome is to compare its performance with a static version (which is also LLVM-based)
  • If you can improve the performance of the JIT version, it will be fantastic! (probably need an extended period of time…)





There are other interesting projects as well for those who are inclined toward hardware design (such as FPGA) or GPU computing. We will discuss this in the first meeting.

  • other things: SRP trial (paek), VM security thing (youn), GPU profiling (choi)

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