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DAC/ICCAD papers accepted

July 31st, 2023 Comments off

The ICCL lab gave a presentation at the 60th DAC, July 2023.

The title of the DAC paper was, “NTT-PIM: Row-Centric Architecture and Mapping for Efficient Number-Theoretic Transform on PIM,” authored by Jaewoo Park, Sugil Lee and Jongeun Lee.

We also got our paper accepted to ICCAD, 2023.  

The title of the ICCAD paper is, “Hyperdimensional Computing as a Rescue for Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning-as-a-Service,” authored by Jaewoo Park, Chenghao Quan, Hyungon Moon and Jongeun Lee.

Congratulations to those who contributed to DAC/ICCAD papers!

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