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Internship – Tensor Processor Design with Python and FPGA Board

June 15th, 2022 Comments off


We’re looking for undergraduate internship students who are interested in the following topics.

– Tensor processor design
– Hardware design with Python
– Prototyping custom hardware on a real FPGA board
– Quantization of neural networks
– AI processors

This internship is different from usual internship in that it is very well structured and students will be able to learn key, important concepts and skills in the broad area of hardware / software co-design through hands-on practice.

Opportunities to participate in industry-collaborative projects (such as with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)) are open as well.

Drop by the lab or professor’s office or send an email if you’re interested.

Due: June 26, 2022.

Tensor Processor Design with Python and FPGA Board

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