Graduated Students

Note: See the full list including current grad students here.

Hongsik Lee, master's degree (Feb., 2016)

  • Thesis title: Application-Level Performance Improvement for Stream Program on CGRA-based Systems

  • Currently working for Busan Transportation Corp. (Humetro), Busan, Korea.

Seongseok Seo, master's degree (Feb., 2014)

  • Thesis title: Scaling Kernel Speedup to Application-level Performance with CGRAs: Stream Program Approach

  • Currently working for LG Electronics, Seoul, Korea.

Yeonghun Jeong, master's degree (Aug., 2013)

  • Thesis title: Evaluator-Executor Transformation for Efficient Conditional Statements on CGRA

  • Won the best paper award at the 2014 Korea Semiconductor Conference, together with S. Seo and J. Lee.

  • Currently working for SAP Korea, Seoul, Korea.

Toan X. Mai, master's degree (Feb., 2013)

  • Thesis title: Runtime and Install-time Binary Translation for Reconfigurable Accelerators

  • Currently working for Global Cybersoft, Vietnam.