Frequently Asked Questions

I need a signature for a document

Mostly all you need is an email confirming my approval. If that is the case, you can write an email explaining for what you need my approval. Remember to add the responsible admin staff member in the CC list. That way, both you and the staff member can receive my approval email directly, and you can save an unnecessary trip to my office.

If you do need a discussion session or an email approval is not permitted for the type of the document (check this with the admin office), then write me an email asking for a meeting.

Where may I see you?

My office is EB2 #501-5, but sometimes I may be in EB2 #503 (graduate laboratory).

When do you have classes?

Check it out on this page.

Course Advising

Starting from Fall 2015, students can/should request Course Advising through the Portal. Just go to the Portal, fill out the form, and submit it. Please submit it a few days prior to the course advising deadline. :)