Reconfigurable Computing Reading List

Recommended for beginners: (Hartenstein 2001), (Bougard 2008), (Callahan 2000), (Cardoso 2010)

Architectures often cited in the literature: Garp, MorphoSys, ADRES, RaPiD, PipeRench. An overview of those architectures can be found in (Hartenstein 2001).

General RC Introduction

  • (Kompton 2002) Reconfigurable Computing: A Survey of Systems and Software, in ACM Computing Surveys
  • (Hartenstein 2001) A decade of reconfigurable computing: A visionary retrospective, in DATE [Recommended, Short]
    • Overview and comparison of many often-cited architectures, by the creator of KressArray.

Compilation for RC

  • (Callahan 2000) Adapting software pipelining for reconfigurable computing, in CASES [Garp]
  • (Mei 2003) Exploiting loop-level parallelism on coarse-grained reconfigurable architectures using modulo scheduling, in DATE [ADRES]
  • (Cardoso 2010) Compiling for reconfigurable computing: A survey, in ACM Computing Surveys
    • Very long. Overview for both FPGA and CGRA compilation.
  • (Weinhardt 2001) Pipeline vectorization, in TCAD
  • (Park 2008) Edge-centric Modulo Scheduling for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures, PACT.
  • (Clark 2008) VEAL: Virtualized Execution Accelerator for Loops, in ISCA
    • Dynamic translation approach.

More about Architectures

  • (Bougard 2008) A Coarse-Grained Array Accelerator for Software Defined Radio Baseband Processing, in IEEE Micro [ADRES]
  • (Mei 2003) ADRES: An Architecture with Tightly Coupled VLIW Processor and Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Matrix

Runtime Binary Translation approach

  • (Clark 2008) VEAL: Virtualized execution accelerator for loops, in ISCA
  • (Beck 2005) Exploiting Java through binary translation for low power embedded reconfigurable systems
  • (Beck 2008) Transparent Reconfigurable Acceleration for Heterogeneous Embedded Applications
  • (Lysecky 2006) Warp processors
  • (Bala 2000) Dynamo: a transparent dynamic optimization system
  • (Stitt 2003) Dynamic hardware software partitioning: a first approach, in DAC
  • (Stitt 2008) Traversal Caches: A First Step towards FPGA Acceleration, in CODES+ISSS
These are some extra...


On Compilation

  • (Leupers 2010) A Short Introduction to Compilers (C Compilers for ASIPs), a book chapter
  • (Rau 1994) Iterative Modulo Scheduling: An algorithm for software pipelining loops, in MICRO

On Low Power Design

  • Power-efficient System Design by Panda et al., 2010, Springer
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