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This topic implements a button that will turn Admin status on or off for the current user (%WIKINAME%), by adding or removing the user from the AdminGroup. This new function is recommended to replace internal admin login when possible. It provides better security and allows changes to be tracked to the user making the change instead of the anonymous AdminUser.

TIP This is actually a generic capability. Any group membership can be toggled using this function.

TIP Note: This feature is only usable if your User Mapper allows group membership to be modified from the Wiki.


  • Edit the settings for AdminGroup
    • Allow the users who are permitted to gain "Admin Rights" to modify the topic.
    • Ex. * ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = AdminGroup, JoeTheAdmin, AnotherAdmin
  • Remove those users from the AdminGroup. They can add themselves using the below button.
  • Notify the potential administrators that they can either use this topic, or %INCLUDE{"AdminToggle"}% in their custom sidebar topic, or somewhere else convenient.


If you (WikiGuest) has permission to change the AdminGroup topic, a button to add or remove yourself from the AdminGroup will appear below: Be sure that you have explicit CHANGE authority on the AdminGroup or removing yourself from the group will be permanent.

More enhancements

You can add this button to your custom sidebar for any group, by using the following include macro:
%INCLUDE{"%USERSWEB%.GroupViewTemplate" section="manageself" groupname="AdminGroup"}%
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