Next Display Technologies : Flexible and Three-dimensional Displays

  • Speaker: YOONSEUK CHOI
  • Abstract: With rapid growth of information technology, peoples are demanding high quality, portable and smart electronic devices. Display device is the key component for delivering information since we can obtain the most complicated and high quality information through the eye vision. Currently, flat panel displays, such as liquid crystal displays, plasma display panels, and organic light emitting device are widely used in TVs, monitors, laptops, and portable applications. However, in the future the flexible displays are believed to play a critical role in display markets. In this presentation, the evolving techniques of future displays will be briefly overviewed. A flexible display is a display device which can be rolled up or bent. Several topics related flexible display industry including substrate, backplane, barrier films, and display modes will be discussed at first. Also, brief discussion for the main obstacles to overcome for realizing flexible device and the challenges that have been researched so far will be given. Another topic will be three-dimensional displays. Since it could give more realistic images to the viewer, it has gathered great attention recently. Overview of principles, modes and issues for recent researches in this field will be given.


  • Future Display Markets:
    • Use all human senses
  • Binocular Disparity

3D Technologies: Glasses

  • Anaglyph
    • Color glasses (blue & red)
  • 3D Movies of Theater (Polaroid glasses)
    • Right eye: vertical
    • Left eye: horizontal
    • -> problem if we rotate 90 degree the way we watch the movie
  • Patterned Retarder
  • Active Retarder
  • Shutter Glasses
  • Reducing crosstalk will be the key

Autosterioscopic Display

  • Parallax Barrier
    • Binocular type
      • only 1 location to see the movie
    • Multi-view type

Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Technology

  • Amazon's Kindle


  • Philips
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