Qualcomm Corporate R&D - New Technologies for Next Gen Smartphones

  • Speaker: Dr. Te-Won Lee - Head of the Qualcomm Korea R&D Center
  • Abstract: The increasing smartphone market penetration is accelerating the speed of adoption of new technologies and posing new opportunities for R&D. In this talk I will cover several areas of wireless and multimedia research topics in Qualcomm corporate R&D. Research in the Korea R&D Center focuses on new mobile multimedia solutions including audio, vision and machine learning technologies.
  • Time : 14:15~15:30 on March 30 (wednesday)
  • Location : Engineering Building 2, E205
  • Contact : Giljin Jang , Ph.D.(2119), email: gjang@unist.ac.kr


  • 2009-2014: 2G to 3G migration (1.2B 3G subscriptions in 2010 -> 2.7B in 2014)
  • Next Level of Mobile Internel:
    • Always-On connectivity
    • All-Day battery Life
    • Instant On
    • Location Aware
    • Multimedia Performance
  • Qualcomm:
    • Focus on Semiconductor Business (#1 in Wireless)
    • R&D Expenditures: >15.4B in 2010
    • HR:
      • 30% of engineers with PhD, 50% masters
      • Systems, HW, SW, standards, test engineering
      • Ventures, business development, technical marketing, program management

The Wireless Future with Core and New Projects

  • 3G/4G: innovations to WWAN technology
  • Push the Air Interface Performance Boundary: 3G & 4G Radio Link * Major difference btw 3G & 4G: download & upload speed
  • Transforming the Overall Wireless Experience:
    • eZone: Universal Wireless Charging (remove cables to charge devices)
    • Service Continuity: transfer, replicate
    • IndoorLBS: indoor positioning & map tools for indoor location based applications
    • Manticore
    • Personal Area Network: Next gen Ultra Low power * HSPA+: Extending 3G's Performance Gains
    • UMTS Performance Enhancements:
      • 3x voice capcity, 2x data capacity * LTE-Advanced

The Remote Control For Your Life

  • Mobile Phone as your Digital 6th sense.
    • Learns what you like
    • Filters out the irrelevant
    • Knows you and what is around you
    • Interacts with networks
    • Discovers things relevant to you
    • Sense local content and services.

Mobile Augmented Reality (AR): Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds

  • Combination of real objects & virtual information, interface, objects, etc
  • 30+ times per sec: Scans -> compares -> positions -> Renders.
  • Applications:
    • Gaming & Play, media/Advertising, Instructional, Navigation & Discovery, Social Networking, etc
  • developer.qualcomm.com/ar

Next Gen Smart Phones will have Listen & Vision Functions

  • Audio & Video processing
  • a smart phone being able to listen in and understand the auditory environment:
    • base on sound of enviroment to know where u are
  • Capture & process text: translator, currency converter...

Qualcomm Korea

Qualcomm Korea R&D Center

  • 10 PhD researchers from SNU & KAIST with strong industry & academic exp.
  • Partnership with SNU, KAIST, Yonsei, Korea university for PhD Fellowship funding
  • MoU with SKT for technology trials

Qualcomm Korea R&D Center is Hiring

  • Ful time researchers with:
    • Speech, audio signal processing
    • Computer Vision
    • Machine Learning
  • Interns
    • Excellent programming skills required
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