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Inspiring Quote – Nothing is done

September 19th, 2010 Comments off

Nothings is done. Everything in the world remains to be done or done over.

The greatest picture is not yet painted, the greatest play isn’t written, the greatest poem is unsung. There isn’t in all the world a perfect railroad, nor a good government, nor a sound law. Physics, mathematics, and especially the most advanced and exact of the sciences, are being fundamentally revised. Chemistry is just becoming a science; psychology, economics, and sociology are awaiting a Darwin, whose work in turn awaiting an Einstein.

If the rah-rah boys in our colleges could be told this, they might not all be specialists in football, parties, and unearned degrees. They are not told it, however; they are told to learn what is known. This is nothing.

(Lincoln Steffens, 1931)
(quoted from How to Get Ideas by Jack Foster)

This was said about 80 years ago! Yet, it is still relevant today. This quote was something that I have wanted to tell my students if I ever get a chance to…

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