Grand Challenges for Wireless Network

  • Speaker: Dr. Changjoo Lee (Korean University of Technology)

Grand Applications

  • Grand Application 1: Ubiquitous Connectivity
    • Mobile anytime-anywhere communications in support of:
      • Human interaction
      • Entertainment
      • Computing & Control
    • Seamless mobility over different platforms & tecnologies
    • Technical Hurdles:
      • Bandwidth everywhere (at home, on the road, at airport, airplane...)
      • Low delay
      • Security, etc.
  • Grand Application II: Disaster Recovery Networks
    • Rapidly deployed to recover from:
      • Natural disasters
      • Major Malicious attacks
    • Isolated areas can be connected via high-BW unmanned aircrafts & satellites
    • Onsite-emergency
      • -> save thousands of lives!
    • Technical Hurdles:
      • Bandwidth
      • Delay
      • Interoperability
  • Grand Application III: Universal Sensing
    • Food Supply Chain Management
      • Deploy massive sensor & RFID based networks
        • detech pathogens from farm to customers
    • Environmental Monitoring/Control
      • Use dense, highly distributed reconfigurable sensor fiels
        • Early warnings from natural disasters
        • Prevention & diagnosis of structural failures in buildings, bridges, etc
        • Con trol of healthcare facilities
        • Study of animal behavior
    • Technical Hurdles:
      • Network lifetime
      • Dynamic configurability
      • Enormous scalability
      • Coverage
      • Energy efficiency
  • Technical Hurdles:
    • Significant improvement in performance
    • Multi-hop networking is important
    • Security & reliability
    • Interoperability

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenge I: Cross-layer Design


  • Traditionally,
    • Networks have been designed based on a layered architecture
    • Different functionalities are implemented in each layer
  • Optimizing within layers has reached a point of diminishing returns
  • To satisfy the increasing demands of new wireless apps, a cross-layer perspective is essential
    • Ex: energy consumtion needs information about the number of hops
  • Already used in some wireless systems W-CDMA


  • Need to improve efficiency
  • Potential loss of modularity due to coupling
    • may lead to complex & fragile overall design
  • -> "Loose-coupling" Cross-layer Design

Grand Challenge II: Information Theory for Wireless Networks

  • Open problems:
    • Scalability
    • Security
    • Network Coding

Other Grand Challenges

  • Resilient & Secure Networks
  • Efficient Interoperability
  • Economic Mechanisms for Efficient Markets


  • Future is still bright & holds greater & grander challenges
  • Our mission

Future Research

  • Cross-Layer Design of Wireless Networks
  • Sensor Networks with Data Aggregations


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