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UNIST internet tip – DNS

September 2nd, 2011

Why sometimes can’t I connect to ecl.unist.ac.kr or some other UNIST sites?
Most likely, the server is fine, but the DNS (Domain Name Server) setting has a problem.
Then how should I fix it?
The short answer is to use the primary DNS only:, or if you must use the secondary as well, try this:

According to the DNS Setting Guide, 2009.8 version, the primary DNS of UNIST is, and the secondary is Or if you use WUNIST_AAA (campus-wide wireless network) the secondary DNS is Those secondary DNS servers all have problems. The server returns external IPs for internal server domains, which don’t work more often than it do. The server doesn’t work at all. So the solution is just to remove the secondary DNS, and use the primary only.

What if I’m using DHCP — for example, WUNIST_AAA? Then you can’t get rid of, but it should be fine because doesn’t return anything, so your computer will try the primary only anyway.

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